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Resolution 2017: Kick Cancer to the Curb

Happy New Year! I know that 2017 will be a tough year but I think I am ready to conquer it.  While most people have resolutions like lose weight, save more money, travel more etc…I only have one resolution.  I need to and will kick Cancer’s ass this year.   It certainly will be challenging but I know that it is one resolution that I must keep and that I will achieve.

Besides the nagging cough that I have had for the past month, I am for the most part back to my energy levels that I had around September before my exhaustion really started to kick in…I think it is kinda funny since the next round of chemo is this coming week and I will be knocked on my butt again.   There are some days when my energy level is great and then other days when I really feel like there is something dragging me down, but I feel like I have been able to get back to a semi-normal life over the last week and half.

We had great results very quickly from the first infusion.  While none of my neck lymph nodes have popped back up, I am concerned because I can feel nodes in my underarm that grew just a little more.  Then again maybe I am just noticing them a little more since I have lost a little bit of weight since the last chemo.  I am hoping that after this coming week that any noticeable lymph nodes shrink some more and I have to say that I won’t be too mad if the scale also reflects shrinkage. 

I am interested to see what my blood counts are since I know that I have had a bit of a hard time healing.  About a week ago I bumped my forehead on a car door (not even that hard) and ended up with a pretty good bruise that spread downwards giving me a black eye.  I know that my reds are a little lower than they should be.  The other thing that I have noticed is my paleness.  I am Irish & Scottish so I am used to pale skin but there are times when I literally look like a ghost I am so pale!  At least it is January and it is not too noticeable.

I have mixed feelings about the upcoming chemo session.  I want to get it done and over with but I am also a little down because it falls on my actual birthday.  Who wants to be sick or sitting getting chemo on their birthday?  Don’t get me wrong…I am grateful for the chance to get chemo at such a great hospital and that it will allow me to celebrate many more birthdays, but it is not my idea of a rip roaring time.  I am hoping that I am going to feel well enough to have a little piece of birthday cake at some restaurant in Boston and pretend that I am travelling to a chic urban city for my birthday rather than for chemo…

I paired down my chemo bag and my Netflix cue is loaded up on my IPad.  The next thing is just to “nuke” the cancer cells again and start moving forward on what is probably the biggest resolution of my life. 






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I hope you are pleasantly surprised when receiving Chemo. Hopefully the oncology nurses will help you celebrate your birthday in a really awesome way! It will be a Birthday like no other. Celebrate being a live, and on your success.
I was just talking about my paleness this morning to a friend! You may find however that the prednisone gives you rosey-red cheeks for a few days (and puffy eyes - very glamorous!). Hope all goes well on treatment two! Take advantage of your energy when you have it and spend it all doing fun stuff with your kids....let someone else do the house stuff. And rest when your body tells you. It won't be laziness - it will be your body telling you it needs to recover.
Hi, sorry I didn't get a chance to wish you a Happy Birthday last week, so I'm doing it now. Yes, I was a pale ghost for 18 weeks, but hey, it was worth it 4 years later. I'm glad that you are taking a whole bag full of goodies to chemo, that's always my suggestion to R-CHOP or Rituxin infusions as they take a looonnnggg time. You have a great New Year's resolution: kicking cancer's ass. I pray that your treatments shrink away the bad cells. Don't worry yourself about the nodes; that's for your doctor to do- all you have to do is sit there and let the Rituxin dive-bombers do their work for you. Hope you enjoy the good days, and forget about the not-so-hot days.
Christi- any update for your BFAC friends here on how you're doing?
MGBY, John
I was just thinking how I needed to make a post. I am currently sitting in the lab waiting room since it is looking like I am really anemic and might be heading towards a blood transfusion. I just went thru round three about a week and half ago and it knocked me on my butt for a few days but I initially bounced back okay...then the fatigue hit again. Hoping that this is just a fluke and things are good and I can avoid the transfusion! Keeping the Positive attitude!
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